Bird Hills Bamboo House

Bird Hills
Credit: Airbnb

Embrace nature and stay at Bird Hills Bamboo House. Here’s where you can enjoy picturesque sunrise beyond the hills, the true hidden gems in Sidemen Village. Built 95% with natural bamboo materials from surrounded villages and empowered locals as Their staff. By staying here, you’re already supporting local communities. Come and try an unforgettable experience with us.

Credit: Chasing Julia Wild
Credit: Chasing Julia Wild

Out from hustle and bustle city-life, our place is away from local’s houses, a very private location where you can relax your mind and recharge your spirit.
Their lovely bamboo house located exactly at the top of the Sidemen’s Hills, the perfect spot to enjoy the incredible sunrise at 6.00 AM.

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Another Things to Note

As the house located at the top of the hills, the entry access might be narrow and little difficult to drive.

Credit : Airbnb

You guys no need to worry about the naughty mosquitoes, since they planted lemongrass, a natural mosquito repellent around the house. They also provide a mosquito net to cover your bed. Not feeling safe enough? Worry no more, They have curtains that will cover the house from floor to ceilings. You need to pay $135 / night.

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